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    Custom Bike Wheels In London & UK

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Custom Bike Wheels In London & UK

Wheels You can Depend on

Bult to Perfection

Hand Built Custom Bike Wheels For Road And Track Bikes


About Us

We are a group of bike mechanics and racers who have had enough of mediocre cycling wheels. The bike industry has some great options for most people but the ‘one solution fits all’ feels more and more true.

But what if carbon is out of your price range? What if you ride your bike everyday rain or sun? You just want your wheels to work without a thought of punctures or broken parts. You race criteriums or in outdoor velodromes and need confidence that your wheel wont fold or crack in a crash. Or you fancy something different.

That is where we come in. All our custom bike wheels are hand built to spec in the UK from high end parts for a reasonable price. We specialize in high end aluminium wheels to keep both costs down and get you maximum return for your money. We all ride our bikes day in and out and then race them on the weekend. Our mantra? Wheels you don't need to think about.

Custom Builds

custom Bike wheels

We carefully select each component to ensure both that all parts are easily replaceable, light and can take the abuse of everyday riding. All custom wheels are hand assembled in Cambridge UK by professional wheel builders with years of experience.

Each wheel comes with a card of the tension in the spokes and a guarantee card. All wheels come with a 3-month guarantee from us as well as manufacture warrently.

Want to build your own wheels with the oversight of experienced bike wheel builder? Then we can help. Click below to see how we can make this come true.

build with us

Track Bike Riders

track bike wheels

Have requirements or want to change parts? Let us know. Westrive to make your dream wheels a reality