custom cycling wheels in a field

Handbuilt, Custom Cycling Wheels for the UK & London!

We never ask you to compromise on your ideal custom bike wheels, nor should you ever have to!

Whatever cycling you do. We have the perfect wheels for you

We ae dedicated to supporting all types of cycling. From lefty wheels to 20 inch trials wheels. We do it all and more.

We work with manufatures around the world to make your dream custom Cycling wheels. Come and see what we can do for you. From pre selected builds to full custom!

All wheels are hand built order! With a tolarance of 0.5mm lataral and radieal deviation and a 5% tension veriance. You wont find better!

Now with 3 months 0% apr with Klarna!

Our current lead time for builds is 1 week. For build with Hope parts the lead time is currently 6 weeks.

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  • lacing a handbuilt, custom, track bike wheel

    We stirve for perrfection with every wheel we build and wont be satisfide with less

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    what our customers say:

    "Excellent quality, nice and light. Straight and true out of the box, nothing not to like. Recommend to anyone"

  • handbuilt custom bike wheels in a field. These are track bike wheels

    Find Your Prefect wheels and unlock your riding

bike racer going around a corner on handbuilt wheels

About Us

We are a group of bike mechanics and racers who have had enough of mediocre cycling wheels. The bike industry has some great options for most people but the ‘one solution fits all’ feels more and more true.

That is where we come in. We handbuild wheels spesificaly for you and your riding.

Our mantra? Wheels that let you ride how you want.

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