About Us

We are a group of riders and mechanics that have a huge passion for our sport with over 20 years in the indistry.

Spokes breaking, rims failing, spokes pulled through the hub, bearings disintegrating, you name it we’ve probably had it or seen it. As a result, we set about finding parts that we trust to take on real world conditions and not let you down.

track bike in a feild with handbuilt wheels

We hand build all our wheels meet real world requirements. We strive for perfection and am satisfied with no less. Our wheels are hand built so that you can take your riding in what ever direction you want.

You can find out more about our main wheel builder Rob here. One of the driving forces behind us. From final quality control to answering your questions. He is involved in every wheel that we send out.


gravel rider in the mountains on custom cycling wheels

Cycling is a fantastic sport due to the variety of things people do on bikes. From riding to work, riding for exercise, traveling across continents to fixed gear cyclocross, Brompton racing, the 90s MTB that is are still going strong as you race down a mountain. We could go on. This sport has grown into different forms and we are sure will continue to change. We love it for that.


track bike racer on custom fixie wheels

We will always support the niches of cycling as much as the more mainstreams. This is a big part of what makes cycling amazing is the new ways that people find of using there bikes. We certainly enjoy taking track bikes where they are not built to go.

Have a requirement for the type of riding you do? Contact our sales at sales@noflex.co or use the form below and we will get you your perfect cycling wheels.


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