Guarantee and Warranty

Our guarantee and warranty

We take great pride in our custom bike wheels. It doesn’t matter what wheels we are building, we don’t settle for 2nd best. As a result of this we back every wheel that we build. To show that we are serious about this we do a couple of things differently to others.

All wheels are shipped with a detailed breakdown. In this we give you the spoke tension in every spoke in your wheel. Plus the radial and lateral trueness. We build to 0.5mm trueness and 10% max difference between spoke tension. Also each wheel is signed off by your wheel builder then checked by Rob, our chef wheel builder

With this we are confident that all our bike wheels will stand the test of time. To prove this we offer a 1 year guarantee from broken spokes. If you break a spoke whilst riding we will either get the wheel back to replace the spoke or send the money to your local shop to do the replacement. The choice is yours.

We uphold any warranty on the parts that we use. For our own parts it is a year's warranty from manufacturing defects. It is the same for a lot of brands that we work with. If you have any questions about the specific warranty situation on any part either check the brand website or drop us a line and we will be happy to advise you.


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