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Always Outside

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Do you need a replacement wheelset that you can be confident in? Do you just need to be able to get around? Our “Always Outside” build is a wheelset that is affordable but made of solid parts that can be easily serviced. We have come up with this wheelset for people who are riding a lot and need a affordable wheelset that you can keep running.

With Shimano Tiagra hubs and Ryde’s DP16 rim you have an incredibly durable wheelset. These hubs spin smoothly and with legendary shimano reliability. The DP16 rims are a jack off all traits able to take wide tyres for maximum comfort.


Shimano are the biggest manufacture of bike parts in the world and one of the longest running. Its safe to say that at this price point nothing comes close. They still use loose ball bearings that the industry is moving away from but that is no bad thing in this build. When you ride day in and out your bike will see every type of weather. You may even leave it outside! With even the best sealed cartridge hubs eventual you will have to replace the bearings. That does require specific tools and if done wrong destroy the hub. Loose ball bearings are very easy to service. They can be done at home without special tools.

Tiagra have better seals than Shimano’s cheaper options and the biggest difference as you spend more is the weight. Yes 105 is lighter (if you want a wheelset with this let us know) but the additional cost is hard to justify in this build. For 10 speed cassette only.

We have gone for a 32-hole front and 32-rear for this build. This let you ride with confidence that you are not going to brake wheels even if you have panniers on the bike. Higher spoke count front wheels also track straighter than some with lower spoke count.


Ryde are known for their durable rims. A lot of cargo bike and ebikes use their rims. With this record we have chosen them for this build. The point is that no matter what you are doing with your bike you can be sure that these rims can handle it.

You can run up to 32c tyres on these rims. This let you run wide tyres and improve your comfort or more puncture proof tyres. The brake tacks are also well machined. This lets you stop a lot better in the wet.  


We use Sapim race. Race spokes are a go to for a dependable low mass spoke. This lets us cut the weight down and give you a more comfortable wheelset. Laced 2x on the front and 3x rear. This gives you the best in comfort and strength.

full specs

  • Shimano Tiagra rs400 hubs. 32 holes front and rear. 100mm front and 130mm rear with QR Axels. For 10 speed hg cassettes.
  • Ryde DP 16 rims. 16mm internal. 700c. Clincher
  • Sapim race spokes in silver.

We hand build and tension every wheel to order.  All wheels have free shipping and are coved by our guarantee plus manufactures warranty, so you have absolute peace of mind.

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