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Uk Trainning Disc Brake Wheelset

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Have you just started to race on the track? Looking to upgrade your stock wheels and are sure that you won’t take your bike onto the road? Then our "Velodrome Stating" is a great option for you. With a amazingly fast spinning hub and rims that are optimised for track racing nothing will hold you back.

BLB king hubs laced to H+Son Formation rims. These wheels do not have a brake track and are only for track bikes! Perfect for starting racers. Suited for bunch sprinting to individual disciplines


We have done with BLB king hubs for this build. The reason for this is that they are very adaptable. By that we mean to the rider. You can start out racing in the individual leagues winning races and progress to doing pursuits, points, omnium or any other discipline and these hubs are perfectly at home.

With wide flanges we can keep the wheel flex to a minimum. This lets you get more power down in the sprints or off the line. Also gives you more control. On the boards at speed any wobble in your bike parts is not a sensation you want to feel. With stiff hubs your rims track true. This let you exploit gaps ruthlessly.

Using alley key heads won’t result in a massive performance gain but every little helps. At 40km/h an aero gain will help. Alley key heads are more aero than bolts (epically with covers). The final benefit is that in a crash they are less likely to come undone or cut you. We hope you never have to experience this but being able to get back up and race with confidence that your equipment is okay is a massive advantage.

We have gone for a 28-hole front and 32 rear for this build as this gives you the best in stiffness and aerodynamics. With a lower spoke count on the font, you reduce the mass as well as improving the drag coefficient.

Available in both black and silver. The spokes will be the same colour as the hub.


H+Sons Formation rim is a 42mm deep alloy rim that is built to feel like a tubular. But without the pain of gluing the tyre. 42mm give you all the aero gains and keeps the mass low. When these rims are up to speed, they are a dream.

With a relatively narrow internal rim they are better suited to narrow tyres at a higher pressure. Exactly what you want on a track. Less rolling resistance.

Please note that these wheels do not have a brake track.


We use Sapim race or cx-ray spokes for this build. Race are a go to for all wheels. Strong and light. Cx-ray are aero and will let you get the most out of these wheels. Laced redial on the front and 2x rear.

full specs

1: BLB king hubs. 28 holes front and 32 rear. 1.29 tpi fixed fitting. Fixed only on both sides. 100mm front and 120mm rear.

2: H+Son Formation rims. 42mm deep, 20mm external rim width. Clincher

3: Sapim cx-ray spokes or race. In sliver or black depending on the hub colour

We hand build and tension every wheel to order. All wheels have free shipping and are coved by our guarantee plus manufactures warranty, so you have absolute peace of mind.

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