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First to the Line

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with brake track

After a carbon wheelset that can save you those valuable watts? Do you race on just the velodrome or do you do crit races as well? Our “First to the Line” build is perfect for both. If you race on the boards these wheels are supper responsive and still very aerodynamic. Also fit for racing on the streets at full gas.

Noflex hubs laced onto JRA Mahi Mahi 50mm carbon rims. With this combination, you can fight it out at the last sprint having saved all your energy. Or go off the front solo. The choice is yours. The point is that these wheels wont hold you back.


We developed our own hubs for a number of reasons. We have found that whilst there are some great options on the market there are flaws with them all. We wanted bearings that are optimized for track riding and races. This means that they are made to spin at speeds from 25km/h  to 70km/h. This gives you very free spinning bearings without any binding.

We also have wide flanges. Yes, not a sexy selling point but of massive importance. On track bikes, more of the force goes through the hubs. A bit like a disc brake except that one side of the hub has to do both. With wide flanges, more of the force is moved to the spokes and rim. This gives you a faster accelerating and braking wheelset. Also when you first set off the rear wheel is put under more torque than a standard wheel. When was the last time you put your road bike in its hardest gear, then sprinted off from standing (besides training)? That is what you do on a track bike. In any case flex in the hub is the last thing you want.

Lastly, we have trimmed out the weight where it's not needed. All this gives you a hub that is fast, very strong, and light. With 24 holes front and rear. This gives you the best front-wheel strength and rear-wheel rigidity.


‘Just Riding Along’ Mahi Mahi rims are the logical choice for this build. At 50mm deep these rims strike the fine balance between aerodynamic gains and weight. For most racing you are braking and accelerating constantly so just going as aero as possible isn’t always the answer. With a lower rim mass braking takes you less effort and leaves you fresher for the moments that matter.

But don’t think that they are not aero. On the contrary, they are very much aero dynamically optimized. Designed to be fast you will save every watt you can.

They are tubeless-ready for those who use them on the road and we do versions with a brake track.


We use Sapim cx-ray spokes for this build. Cx-ray are more aero and will let you get the most out of these wheels as well as being lighter than other spokes. Laced redial on the front and 2x rear.

full specs

1: Noflex hubs. 24 holes front and rear. 1.29 tpi fixed fitting. Fixed only on both sides. 100mm front and 120mm rear. Supplied with a 16t sprocket and lock ring

2: JRA Mahi Mahi 22mm internal and 29 external. 50mm deep. Tubeless-ready

3: Sapim cx-ray spokes

We hand build and tension every wheel to order.  All wheels have free shipping and are coved by our guarantee plus manufactures warranty, so have absolute peace of mind.

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