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Chase Leader

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If you are looking for an affordable race wheel our “Chase Leader” build is the ideal choice for you. These wheels let you dictate your speed on both the flats and hills. Light and aero they are built to push your mates in your next club ride or race.Using Ridea HT1 hubs and our own defiance rim you have the best combination of light weight alloy wheels with the added benefits of an aero rim,


For this build we have gone with Ridea HR1’s. They use very low resistance bearings which lets them spin effortlessly up to speed. This let you push away from the group when you decide you want to go!

At 300g for the set you can’t get much lighter! Having said that they are sill very durable. You don’t have to worry about braking them or the bearings needing replacement often.

All of this make them the perfect race ready hubs.

We use 24 spokes front and rear in this wheelset. This gives you a front wheel that track very true and both wheels are very stiff to reduce the flex when you put the power down


With our “Defiance” rim, we were out to do a couple of things differently to convention. We wanted the holy Trinity of light, aero and strong. And that’s what we did. Also, tubeless ready for an added bonus

30mm deep u shape give you the perfect combination for aerodynamics and weight. We have put these through there paces from road races to crits and they have never let us down. And they won’t let you down either!

With 17mm internal rim width you can run your choice of tyre. This is a hooked rim so that you have more support for your tyres especially at higher pressure.


Either Sapim race or cx-ray spokes.

Sapim race are a light double butted spoke that add both comfort and strength

Cx-ray spokes are one of the most aerodynamic spokes on the market and as light as a titanium spoke.

Laced radially on the front and 2x on the rear. Your choice of nipple colour!

full specs

1: Ridea HT1. 24 holes front and rear. 100mm front and 130mm rear. Shimano HG 11speed cassette body only.

2: Noflex Defiance rim. 17mm internal and 22mm external. 30mm deep. Tubeless ready. 700c. Rim brake only

3: Sapim race or cx-ray spokes in black

We hand build and tension every wheel to order. All wheels have free shipping and are coved by our guarantee plus 1 year manufactures warranty on our own parts, so you have absolute peace of mind.

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