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Off for Adventure

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The perfect touring wheelset with a dynamo our “Off for Adventure” build is our choice if we had to ride around the world with no support. Build using some of the strongest parts available we are confident that nothing is stopping these wheels

Using shimano Alfine front dynamo hub, we keep the resistance down whilst having all the benefits. This is laced to a Ryde Andra rim. On the rear we have chosen a Hope Pro 4 hub. With rims that are rated for 180kg and hubs that have been tested to the ends of the earth these are wheels to go adventuring


We have chosen to use Shimano’s Alfine front hub for this build. There are light dynamo options but if you want absolute reliability none are the equal. Providing 6 volts and 3 watts you can power almost any light system. These hubs don’t give much away to rolling resistance but what they do is worth it.  

On the rear Hopes legendary Pro 4 is certain to keep you rolling come rain or shine. With sealed cartage bearings that are built to take all the mud and grime but still fast. The best option when you want a trouble free touring wheelset.

Both hubs come in either black or sliver. The spokes will be in silver. If you want another colour for the rear, please let us know.

Both these wheels have 36 spokes. This give you an over kill wheelset, but you can be confident that you could ride through a crater with them.


Ryde’s Andra rim isn’t the lightest but its defiantly one of the strongest. We have seen riders hit a wall and ride away with these rims. With a max weight of 180kg they are used on cargo ebikes and other heavy applications. When they come up to speed well with a subtle ride feel. Perfect for long distance touring. They can also take wide tyres for maximum comfort.


We have chosen Sapim strong spokes for this build. They are ticker version of most spokes but they are designed to last and have a lot of weight on them. Laced 2x on the front and 3x on the rear with j bend. This gives you a perfect balance of comfort, air resistance and durability

full specs

1: Shimano Alfine Dynamo front hub in 100mm spacing. 36 hole. 6v 3w power output. 12mm through axel in black or silver.

2: Hope Pro 4 rear hub in 135mm or 142mm rear spacing. Your choice of cassette body. 12mm through axel. In black or sliver. 36 hole.

3: Ryde Andra rims. 25mm internal

4: Sapim strong spokes in silver.

We hand assemble and tension every wheel that gets ordered.  All wheels have free shipping and are coved by our guarantee plus manufactures warranty so you have absolute peace of mind.

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