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off the brakes

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Is going down all that matters to you? Do you push every berm as hard as possible? No gap jump too big? Then our “Off The Brakes” build is ideal for you. Built as a downhill racers wheelset you wont feel the need to grab a handle full of brake with them.

Halo gravitas rims laced onto hope pro 4 hubs. The last word in durable and fast spinning. Plough through rock gardens to massive jumps and more.


Hope pro 4 hubs are a solid choice for a lot of builds and for excellent reasons. Few manufacturers have a better reputation for dependability. Built in the UK to take a pounding and come back for more.

For downhill they are one of strongest hubs. You can be very confident in them which is hugely important when you are hurtling down the mountain. Their bearings are smooth and more importantly fast.

Available in 6 different colours and in HD, micro and XD cassette fittings. We use 32 spokes on the front and 36 on the rear for this build. This is over kill for a lot of ridding but for the time that you jump short you will thank us. You can ride away from big impacts with out braking these wheels

We use j bend hubs for this build. This gives you a stronger wheel in the corners and under acceleration more of the force is moved to the rim. Also easier to replace if you do need to.


Developed in the UK and ridden by some of the best downhill racers. Halo have worked hard to develop a rim that is both durable and as light as possible. Using an asymmetric rim we can build a stronger overall wheel. This is because we can use shorter spokes on the drive side to reduce the force that the spokes take.

With a reasonable 27mm internal rim width you can run wider tyres but still keep the rim very strong.


We use sapim D-light spokes for this build. D-light are a thicker spoke better able to handle the rigors of UK mountain biking and disc brakes.

full specs

1: Hope pro 4 hubs. 32 holes front and 36 rear. J bend. In 100mm, 110mm front spacing with 12mm axels or 15mm. Rear spacing of 135, 142, 148mm and 150mm with 12mm axel. Comes with xd, hg or micro cassette fitting for 7 speed or 11

2: Halo gravitas rim. Tubeless ready, with 27mm internal and 33mm external rim widths

3: Sapim D-light spokes in black

We hand assemble and tension every wheel that gets ordered.  All wheels have free shipping and are coved by our guarantee plus manufactures warranty so you have absolute peace of mind.

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