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After a 2nd wheelset for your road bike to go off road? Looking to upgrade your stock wheels on a bit of a budget? Our “starting out” wheelsets built for you. We have use a combination of affordable parts that are easily serviceable but still a step up from stock builds. Built for ridding in the worst conditions whilst keeping you comfortable on and off road.

DT Swiss r500 rims laced onto Shimano tiagra hubs. You can use these wheels all year round and just strip the hubs after the winter to keep them running smooth. Tubeless rim so that you can get the most from your tyres.


Shimano hubs are not the sexiest on the market but there are advantages to them. They are dependable. Take them into any shop and they will have parts. The freehubs will last you round the earth. With loose ball bearings these hubs are very easy to service by anyone.

Shimano are one of the largest manufactures globally for parts. From this they have built a reputation for quality control. Obviously we check every hub that come in but we reject far fewer Shimano hubs than other brands.

We use 28 spokes on the front and 32 on the rear for this build. This is more that is really necessary but with the higher spoke count we can build the wheels to be more comfortable on the uneven gravel or roads.

We use j bend hubs for this build. This gives you a stronger wheel in the corners and under acceleration more of the force is moved to the rim. Also easier to replace if you do need to.


DT Swiss do a wide range of rims that are perfect for any riding. In this case we have chosen to use their R500 rim. This is the heavier version of RR481 and a bit narrower than their G540 rim. We feel that this make it a great choice for a range of riding styles. Its perfect for cyclocross, a gravel wheel set with slightly narrower tyres or a heavy duty road wheel.

Available in both 700c and 650b this will let you run wider tyres or inprove the toe over lap for smaller riders.


We use sapim race spokes for this build. These spokes are plenty for this wheelset. Light and double butted. They have a bit more flex than the d-light spokes let us take full advantage of any comfort to be gained.

full specs

  • Shimano tiagra 4700 hubs. 28 hole front and 32 rear. Available in 100mm front and 135mm rear with quick release or 100mm front and 142 rear with 12mm through axel. 11 speed hg fitting
  • DT Swiss R500 rim, internal rim width of 22mm and external of 26mm. 23mm deep
  • Sapim race spokes in black

We hand assemble and tension every wheel that gets ordered.  All wheels have free shipping and are coved by our guarantee plus manufactures warranty so you have absolute peace of mind.


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