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Time Stop

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After a carbon wheelset is perfect for pursuit or max aerodynamics. built to chase the clock Our “time stop” build is perfect for anyone who is after the best aero wheels they can get.

Ridea hubs laced onto JRA TT 80mm carbon rims. These deep carbon rims let you get up to speed quickly then keep you speed easily till you cross the line. Time trails and pursuits have never been so fast.


With Ridea hub you are getting hubs that are designed for speed. Built for you to push your limits beyond what you thought was possible.

With some of the fastest no ceramic bearings you can get, these hubs spin for ever. You won’t waste your energy on overcoming any drag from them. This becomes more important on the boards where rolling resistance from the surface is lower. This means that any resistance that you can eliminate will make more of a difference.

Using 8mm alley key bolts to attach to your bike will make a small difference to your aerodynamics. It is small but when you are chasing fractions for seconds every saving is worth it.

We use 24 spokes front and rear in this build. This gives you less drag from the spokes but keeps the wheels stiff. A perfect balance of rigidity and aero.


For this build, we have chosen the most aero rim that we can find. Still very stiff when you sprint. This is why we have chosen JRA TT rim in an 80mm deep option with internal nipples. By using internal nipples, we can reduce the drag on the rim and improve the drag coefficient.

These rims are optimized for you to push your limits at speed against the clock. They are perfect to use on or off the boards


We use Sapim cx-ray spokes for this build. Cx-ray are more aero and will let you get the most out of these wheels as well as being lighter than other spokes. Laced redial on the front and 2x rear.

full specs

1: Ridea HT hubs. 24 holes front and rear. 1.29 tpi fixed fitting. Fixed only on both sides. 100mm front and 120mm rear. Supplied with lock ring

2: JRA Mahi Mahi TT rims. 22mm internal and 29 external. 80mm deep. Tubeless-ready

3: Sapim cx-ray spokes

We hand assemble and tension every wheel that gets ordered.  All wheels have free shipping and are coved by our guarantee plus manufactures warranty.

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