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Trans Continental Disc Brake

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After a Disc Brake wheelset with a dynamo front wheel plus a dependable rear wheel? Perfect for any touring or commuting, our “Trans Continental Disc Brake” build is built for a fast-rolling maintenance free ride. For putting in the miles in any weather or light. These wheels are the perfect companion for anyone.

Using a SP SV7 dynamo hub, you can have a fast rolling wheelset with the benefits of a dynamo. This build is for people who ride in all weathers quickly, who are after a super durable and fast wheelset.

H+Son’s Hydra rims and Halo GXR rear hub make this a dream for almost any riding


We have chosen to use SP Dynamo’s PV7 for the front hub of this build. With this hub you can run almost any light or charge you phone. With the lowest rolling resistance of any dynamo hub on the market this hub lets you feel like you are riding a normal wheel with all the benefits.

SP have done amazing things with this hub. Its lighter than its predecessor and now has a smaller profile as well. With a through axel, they have managed to keep the bulk of the hub down. It provides 6volts and 3 watts at a minimum, more at speed. You never have to worry about charging your lights again.

On the rear we have a Halo GXR hub. This is their gravel and xc hub. We have going for it in this build as it gives you a lot of versatility. With better seals than their road hubs you can ride in more weathers. There is a slight weight penalty, but the added durability is worth it in this case. This hub won’t let you down. The bearings are just as fast rolling as the road versions so you wont be missing out on any performance

Both hubs come in black with centre lock disc fitting. If you want a different front hub colour, please contact us. Your choice of rear cassette fitting

Both these wheels have 32 spokes. This give you a supper very duty wheelset that is ready for you to load up. Using a high spoke count on the front makes cornering with heavy loads a non-issue as the wheel tracks true.


H+Son’s Hydra rims are a great do it all option. Suitable for 35c tyres. Light plus comfortable. If you are off touring these rims feel great. You can spin them up quickly, they don’t transmit much of the road buzz plus strong as an ox. For commuting the same applies.


We have chosen Sapim d-light spokes for this build. They offer you the best combination of light plus strength. Double butted they all help absorb some of vibrations before they are transmitted to you. Laced 2x on the front and 3x on the rear with j bend. This gives you a perfect balance of comfort, air resistance and durability  

full specs

1: SP Dynamo PV 7 front hub in 100mm spacing. 32 hole. 6v 3w power output. 12mm through axel in black. Centerlock

2: Halo GXR Superdrive rear hub in 135mm or 142mm spacing. 32 hole. In black. Centerlock. HG, XD or campag cassette body.

3: H+Son Hydra rims. 25mm deep, 25mm external

4: Sapim d-light spokes in black

We hand assemble and tension every wheel that gets ordered.  All wheels have free shipping and are coved by our guarantee plus manufactures warranty, so you have absolute peace of mind.

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