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Trans Continental rim Brake

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After a wheelset with a dynamo front wheel plus a super durable rear wheel? Perfect for any touring or commuting, our “Trans Continental rim Brake” build is built for a fast-rolling maintenance free ride. For putting in the miles in any weather or light. These wheels are the perfect companion for anyone.

Using SP front dynamo hub, we keep the resistance down whilst having all the benefits. This is laced to H+Son’s Archetype rim. On the rear we have chosen a Halo RO 6 drive hub. This combination give you the peace of mind to be out in any weather with out the usual resistance penalty.


We have chosen to use SP Dynamo’s PV8 for the front hub of this build. With this hub you can run almost any light or charge you phone. With the lowest performance hit of any dynamo hub on the market this hub lets you feel like you are riding a normal wheel with all the benefits. Not as light as the PV9 we feel that the larger size helps with the reliability of the hub and the slight aerodynamic penalty is worth it.

On the rear we have a halo RO 6 drive hub. This hub is a beefed-up version of their super light and durable road hub. Using sealed cartage bearings through out the UK weather is what this hub was built for. Its still a very fast rolling hub that wont hold you back when you want to push on however at a cruise its efficient plus trouble free.

Both hubs come in either black or sliver. The spokes used will be the same colour as the hub unless otherwise specified.

Both these wheels have 32 spokes. This give you a supper very duty wheelset that is ready for you to load up. Using a high spoke count on the front makes cornering with heavy loads a non-issue as the wheel tracks true.


H+Son’s Archetype rims are a staple for us when we want a rim that can do it all. It a great blend of light, durable and sleek. You can run wide tyres without worry plus its strong enough to take the constant potholes that the UK is littered with.

With machined brake tracks stopping in the wet is very controllable. With the high spoke count this rims have enough vertical compliance to take a bit of the road rumble out.

All this make these rims a must for a comfortable, fast ride. They let you travel to work or across the continent with confidence, comfort plus efficiently


We have chosen Sapim race spokes for this build. They offer you the best combination of light plus strength. Double butted they all help absorb some of vibrations before they are transmitted to you. Laced 2x on the front and 3x on the rear with j bend. This gives you a perfect balance of comfort, air resistance and durability  

full specs

1: SP Dynamo PV 8 front hub in 100mm spacing. 32 hole. 6v 3w power output. Quick release in black or silver.

2: Halo RO 6 drive rear hub in 130mm spacing. 32 hoe. In black or sliver.

3: H+Son Archetype rims. 25mm deep, 23mm external

4: Sapim race spokes

We hand assemble and tension every wheel that gets ordered.  All wheels have free shipping and are coved by our guarantee plus manufactures warranty so you have absolute peace of mind.

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