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Weight Weenies Dream

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Want the lowest weight wheels possible? Our "Weight Weenies Dream" Build is a 1.1kg wheelset with 45mm rims! For rim brakes only and 100kg weight limit.

This is a wheelset for blazing up the hills and keeping the pace on the flat. Using Schmolke rims and Extralite hubs these wheels are as dependable as they are light.


We have chosen to use Extralite cyber hubs for these wheels. Super light at 170g for the pair! These hubs are exquisite in both their machining and looks.

With low friction seals and easily adjustable preload. They spin up effortlessly. Most lightweight hubs we have found are susceptible to cracking or are only for good weather. These hubs are defiantly an exception to this.

We use straight pull hubs for this build as they give you better lateral strength whilst improving vertical compliance


Schmolke TLO 45 rim was the only choice for this build. Coming in at 382g per rim and still being tested to handle high heat is less common than it should be. Most rims in this weight class suffer from delamination if used too much or flex with a low spoke count. Schmolke have used some amazing engineering to overcome this.

By using 45mm deep rims you can still get aero benefits on shallower hills and the flat. Also, these keep the rim flex to a minimum so you can put all your power down


We use sapim cx-ray spokes for this build. Light and aero. They let you save every watt no matter the landscape.

full specs

  • Extralite cyber hubs. 20 hole front and 24 hole rear. Straight pull. 100mm spacing front and 130mm rear.
  • Schmolke SL 45mm rims. Not tubeless-ready. 26mm external, 17.6mm internal
  • sapim black alloy cx-ray
  • For rim brakes only and 100kg weight limit.

We hand assemble and tension every wheel that gets ordered.  All wheels have free shipping and are coved by our guarantee plus manufacturers warranty so you have absolute peace of mind

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