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xc climers dream

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Is the lightest weight your top priority? Is getting to the top of the hill in the fastest possible time of the upmost importance to you? Then our "Climbers Dream" is the build for you. Built to get to the top of any xc loop as fast as humanly possible then head down to repeat the feat

Extralite hubs paired with Stans NoTubes crest cb7 rims gives you a 1.1kg wheelset that is ready to rip up your next xc race!


Extralite are renowned as some of the lightest weight parts in the world. What make them stand out though isn’t just the 180g (rear hub) weight but the fact that these hubs are made to be ridden. Ride them though river and the bearings wont disintegrate on you. Come up short on a gap and carry on riding. With these hubs you can sprint to the top then still push on the descents.

We are using extrlite hyper R+ and hyper front hubs in a axel width of your choice. Coming in at a astounding 240g for the set in boost you wont find lighter with the same durability

Using a easily adjustable micro preload you can perfectly tune your bearings to keep them running silky smooth. 60 points of engagement means that you get an almost instantaneous pickup. Available in QR, micro and xd cassette fittings.

We use straight pull hubs for this build as they give you a bit of a weight saving and increase the compliance. What’s not to like? 28 hole on the front and 32 rear. Plenty to keep your rear wheel stiff for maximum transfer of power. 28 spokes on the front gives a great balance of mass and rigidity.


Stans notubes crest cb7 rims are the best you can get got cross country racing. Weighing 325g per rim they are supper light. But light weight is nothing if you are uncomfortable or being bounced around when trying to sprint. This is where the crest really come into their own. They are much more compliant than most carbon rims. This is of more significance on xc wheels as you tend to run narrower tyres. On a hardtail this becomes even more noticeable. With a higher spoke count we can keep the wheels stiff and still have a comfortable wheelset

Stan are famous for their tubeless so surprise these rims are too. Very easy to seat almost any tyre with out a compressor. Tubeless conversions have never been so effortless


We use sapim d-light or cx-ray spokes for this build. D-light are a thicker spoke better able to handle the rigors of uk mountain biking. Cx-ray are more aero and will let you get the most out of the climes and a bit lighter. Laced 2x on the front and 3x on the rear

full specs

1: extralite hyper hubs. 28 holes front and 32 rear. Straight pull. In 100mm, 110mm front spacing with 12mm axels or 15mm. Rear spacing of 135, 142 or 148mm with 12mm axel. Comes with xd, hg or micro cassette fitting

2: Stan Notube crest cb7 rims. 23mm internal width. Tubeless ready. In 27.5 or 29

3: Sapim cx-ray or d-light spokes in black

We hand assemble and tension every wheel that gets ordered.  All wheels have free shipping and are coved by our guarantee plus manufactures warranty so you have absolute peace of mind.

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